Rob Ward for Ward 11

Collaborative, Fiscal Responsibility

Rob Ward’s Campaign Priorities

Rob has identified four campaign priorities, with some details on each listed below. But there is only one pillar that supports his three campaign values and these four priorities: Rob knows he works for you. And together, he believes Calgary can again rise.

Fiscal Responsibility

Residents of Ward 11 and our City have been impacted financially by both the pandemic and the strained economy – and associated government actions. Some 32 percent of people say the pandemic has been a major threat to their personal financial situation; while 46 percent of those employed before COVID-19 experienced a job or income loss. Furthermore, 31 percent have experienced a negative impact on their ability to pay their rent/mortgage. It’s time to get Calgary back to work.

Now more than ever, we need to practice responsible spending at City Hall. Just as a family does not go purchase luxury goods like cars, big screen TVs, and new furniture when times are tough, our city needs to be extremely diligent in cutting unnecessary spending to help aide Calgarians in our economic recovery.


Calgarians say they are most concerned with infrastructure/roads, safety, and taxes. Our city council needs to focus on essential services like road maintenance, snow removal, police/fire/EMS, water services, waste removal, and other essential items. This is what matters to Calgarians – we need to nail these core services before spending on projects. Rob believes we can offer better value for dollar in these essential services – and technology can be used to ensure maximum efficiency.


Simply stated – Calgarians know that now is not the time for large projects or unnecessary upgrades and spending unless it is for essential services. Let's nail our basics first before spending on large projects. Fiscal restraint now will ensure the long-term success of our residents and our City.


Calgarians state that safety is one of their top concerns in 2020. Working collaboratively with the Calgary Police Service and the Calgary Fire Department to help engage local communities can result in a team effort that improves safety in our communities. When communities engage with these organizations, they learn how to better protect themselves, their homes, and their communities. Rob is committed to working with Calgary Police and our communities to ensure areas of concerns are reported and addressed.


Simply put: Rob stands with all first responders in what has become an increasingly difficult job. They have his respect and support, and he knows they can help make our City safer.

Gaining Trust

Unfortunately, only 43 percent of residents in Ward 11 say that they trust the City of Calgary; and City Council has only a 47 percent approval rating. Rob thinks of those numbers this way: if people gave a business a 2 or 2.5-star rating on Google reviews, would you want to visit that restaurant or trust that business with your money? Or would you look for a company with a rating closer to five-stars?


Increasing taxes, lack of value for taxes paid, and a tarnished reputation of a combative and disjointed council have all led to such low approval ratings. Ward 11 needs a mature, professional, and experienced official to mend a severed council. Rob is committed to working collaboratively with all members of council while presenting fact and data-backed solutions to problems facing residents of Ward 11.


Rob thrives on working and listening to others to come up with innovative solutions to problems. He is extremely responsive to all stakeholders – clients, coworkers, and other stakeholders in both his professional career and volunteer work. Rob loves meeting with folks one-on-one to discuss ideas and issues.


Simply stated: Right now, less than a quarter of Calgarians believe politicians care what they think. Rob is here to change that. He works for you – the residents of Ward 11 and he wants you to give him a five-star rating at the end of his term.

Our Future

Calgary has a lot of work to do to come back from both the pandemic and the hit to our energy sector. Now more than ever, City Council needs to focus on helping all local businesses. They pay taxes, hire residents, and contribute to causes in our community. Many businesses in our city have been forced to close permanently due to high tax hikes coupled with the pandemic. City Council needs to look at all avenues of encouraging business growth in Calgary, including tax relief, business support and resources for entrepreneurs. This will mean eliminating red-tape, and making Calgary an attractive place for Calgarians to stay and non-residents to come start a business and put our skilled people back to work.


Simply put: Rob believes that both our politicians and civil workers need to have a customer-first attitude towards the taxpayer. When citizens bring forward issues, we need to work together to resolve them quickly, effectively, and cost efficiently. We need to be there to help all Calgarians and we need to remember we work for them.