Rob Ward

for Ward 11

Collaborative, Fiscal Responsibility


City Council Needs Change

And it starts with voting in representatives who know who they work for – and understand whose money they are spending.

 “Ward 11 needs someone who isn’t afraid to ask residents for their opinions, thoughts, and ideas. I know I work for you and I know that every dollar that is spent has to bring value back to Ward 11. For me, this is about two things – putting more money back in taxpayers’ pockets while also making City services more efficient. It can be done, and I want to be part of that solution. I am proud to say I am an independent candidate. City Hall is meant to be non-partisan. Unlike other candidates, I am not affiliated with any political parties, unions, special interest groups, or other candidates."

– Rob Ward, Ward 11 Candidate.

Rob's Fundamentals

Listening To You


Rob has lived in Calgary for more than three decades, and in Ward 11 for over 10 years. While running his own IT/Marketing company, he has established relationships with many residents and businesses. He firmly believes in one-on-one interaction to discuss issues and ideas – and he believes that we need more evidence-based decision-making. Rob works for YOU, and he wants to ensure YOUR voice is heard and YOUR money is working for YOU.

Fiscal Responsibility

The City needs to make better spending choices. It starts with a relentless approach to evaluating every dollar spent, and always looking for innovative ways to be more efficient. Rob is committed to always asking these questions: Are your tax dollars being spent as efficiently and effectively as possible? Are we getting the best bang for our buck? Is there a better way? We all work hard for our money – and it’s time that City Council do the same.

Collaborative Teamwork

City council is comprised of 14 Councillors and one Mayor. Your Ward 11 representative needs to work collaboratively with these representatives to pass motions to improve our City – no matter who they are. It's time to end the divisiveness and cliques at City Hall. Let's work together and bring Calgary back stronger than ever.

Contribute To The Campaign

Your donations will be used in the most efficient way possible to ensure we can spread the messages of fiscal responsibility and collaboration. Just as Rob will hold City Council accountable for every dollar, his campaign will do the same. Help ensure Calgary is ready to come back stronger than ever with responsible leadership that is committed to getting the best value for your tax dollar.


A person may donate up to $5,000.

Donors must be Alberta residents.

Donors must be individuals, not corporations, or unions.