Rob Ward for Ward 11

Collaborative, Fiscal Responsibility

Why Vote For Rob?


After obtaining his degree in Business Management, Rob worked as a financial/business development analyst with a primary focus on international tender bids and competitor financial analysis. Working alongside the company’s legal and finance departments, Rob gained extensive knowledge in analyzing both financial and legal documents.


More recently Rob started his own IT/Marketing company working with small businesses in our community. Rob knows what is important for small businesses to succeed and will bring this knowledge and experience to City Council. Rob also cares for the community and volunteers with the Willow Park Charity Classic, which to date has raised over $11.6 million for local Calgary charities.

Independent Integrity

City Council is meant to be non-partisan. Council’s vision and decisions should be guided by the wishes of the residents they represent. Rob is proud to say he is not affiliated with any political parties, special interest groups, unions, or other candidates. Rob works for the residents of Ward 11, and that’s it. Party politics have no place in City Council. Rob is dedicated to representing residents – and that’s it.


Rob has built a life and career from being able to negotiate, collaborate, and work with people who have diverse backgrounds, ideas, and values. City Council is comprised of 14 Councillors and one Mayor. To pass any motion, you must get a majority vote. Rob has proven experience with tough negotiations and is able to win people over with strong, data-backed persuasion. Our current City Council has issues working collaboratively. Rob will be part of the solution to a collaborative approach.

Fiscal Responsibility

In his previous experience as a financial analyst as well as the owner of his own company, Rob has learned how to manage finances. He believes there is always a way to do things more cost-efficiently and has proven in his career and volunteer work that you can get better results for less money. Rob’s unrelenting pursuit of efficiency is what has driven his success to this point. Empty promises of “lower taxes” without experience and knowledge in financial analysis are just that… empty promises.

Listening To Residents

Rob’s passion is what drives him to always listen to residents. Rob wants to hear your ideas, your issues, and involve you in how our city moves forward. Rob has already met thousands of residents of Ward 11 and has built his approach to City Council around the community’s desires. Rob would love to prove his passion to you. Send him a message and you will receive a prompt reply!